Member Benefits

When asked by a non-member why they should join the NJDA/ADA someone once responded – “Because it’s worth it.”

While the answer is short and to the point it is also true. Our members enjoy many benefits, and I believe that all of our members realize and value these benefits.

If you are a non-member dentist, I invite you to call on any of the Mercer Dental Society officers (contact information is on the Contact Us page and on the About Us page) to inquire about membership benefits and how to join.

When you join the Mercer Dental Society, you are automatically a member of the NJDA and the ADA. These are powerful organizations who represent the interests of dentists and our patients. Organized dentistry can be even more powerful and effective in representing the interests of its members if more dentists join and if more dentists become active in their local and state dental societies.

Did you know that as a member you are entitled to benefits including CE, advocacy , legal and human resources support, networking opportunities, weekly Email Alerts from the NJDA , a subscription to The Journal of the NJDA and The Advocate magazines, full access to the NJDA website, a voice in the NJDPAC (New Jersey Dental Political Action Committee), benefits from the ADA and NJDA’s backing on dozens of legislative and government regulations, contract review, drafting correspondence, review of State Board of Dentistry complaints, assistance on claims resolution with dental insurance carriers, peer review, the Garden State Dental Conference and Expo, Members Day for the entire team, help with practice staffing concerns, money saving deals from NJDA endorsed business associates, and more!

New Dentists may be eligible for a period of free membership followed by a period of reduced fees to help them with costs of membership. Payment plans are available and financial hardship considerations are also taken into account for dentists who qualify.

Your membership is an investment in yourself and in your profession. If you are not a member yet, please join us. I consider membership in Organized Dentistry a professional responsibility – if we don’t manage and oversee ourselves – someone else will!