The NJ state Board of Dentistry:
In case you have questions about licensure or jurisprudence in the NJ visit:

NJDA: The New Jersey Dental Association’s website can provide you with information regarding statewide efforts in organized dentistry.

ADA: The American Dental Association, our parent organization, who also provides an array of benefits, from national/federal legislative representation to insurance benefits and everything in between.

ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry: A tool to help integrate the latest scientific evidence into your practice.

ADA House of Delegates Meeting Report

Mouth Healthy: A website for our patients to help them learn how to take better care of their mouth today so it will take care of them for their whole life.

Dental Trauma Guide: Need a quick reference to dental trauma guidelines? Here is a website that might be just what you are looking for: (shared by MDS member orthodontist Dr. Mark McDonough)