May 18th 2021

Over the past few years the threat from Ransomware has grown in prevalence to where it is now an inevitability and according to Javed Uddin, CEO of HTI, Unfortunately, it’s no longer a matter of whether a dental office will get attacked or not, but it’s a matter of when that attack will happen. While Uddin added that the majority of dental offices have taken some initial steps to protect their patient data, the vast majority of practices are utilizing methods that may have been sufficient in years past, but now no longer meet the mark. Unfortunately, approximately 95% of the offices we walk into are not securing their data at all, or they’re not doing it properly.

About HTI

HTI has been providing cutting edge IT services to Dental and Medical practices since 1996. By providing total integration hardware and software solutions, HTI’s offices experience productive, secure and reliable networks. HTI currently supports over 1,000 healthcare organizations and around 95% of its total clients represent dental practices.

For more information about having HTI speak at your study club on Ransomware, please contact Beth Karp at [email protected].