Welcome to MDS

Welcome to the new MDS website. Please take a moment to peruse the website and let us know your thoughts.
- Check out the Member Meetings and CE Schedule page for all MDS event information.
- Look at the Membership Benefits section to remind yourselves, and your non-member friends, why being a member is important on so many levels.
- Do you want to make comments, offer suggestions, ask questions to our officers? Please visit the Meet The Board section to find all of your officers contact information.
- Our Links section will provide some basic links to helpful websites for an dentist.

There are/will be other pages for you to peruse as we continue to build the website. The website is a vital part of our efforts in continuing to grow the Mercer component of the NJDA and it will significantly improve two-way communications with our members.

This website is a part of our larger effort to efficiently organize MDS so that it prepared for our next goal – to increase membership participation in the MDS, as well as to increase the number of our members. This will, in turn, allow us to be extremely effective in meeting MDS’ objectives – which include: improving the oral health of the public, provision of high quality continuing education, supporting legislative representation, and being a forum for camaraderie and networking.

Many other things are happening at MDS. Please visit the website regularly for updates, as well as reviewing newsletters and attending member meetings for more information. Remember, all of the officers at MDS are here for you, our MDS members! Again, please contact us with any questions, suggestions, requests, etc.

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